A challenging VR arcade shooter that will keep you moving. 5 free levels!


The little ship Vrickey is attached to your body and follows your movement. You must guide it through the maze while shooting the glass blocks to clear the path. Make sure you keep away from the falling deadly balls, survive the magic potions and dodge the cannonballs, relentlessly aiming for your head.


  • 3 locations x 12 levels = 36 levels in total.  The demo includes first 5 levels.
  • Win a single star for completing a level, an extra star for destroying all the glass blocks
  • An optional “Zen” environment with less distractions and higher FPS
  • The game scales to fit the play space; increase the Guardian size for a larger and more difficult game

On Quest 1 you can play only in the Zen environment.
Source: itch.io

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