Hello all and welcome to my first idle/clicker game ever!

Short about the game: Start of as a small seed, ready to grow into the biggest possible tree you can! 

More about the game:
The resources you will need is water, and a lot of it! For each level you will also get some DNA which can be spent on permanent upgrades. Why do I need to say permanent upgrades? Well, as in any clicker/idle game there is this “Ascension” mechanic that let you restart the game from SCRATCH! Well, almost atleast. You will never loose the permanent upgrades! Hence the word .. permanent.

I have tried to make all upgrades very good and desirable and they will all help you in the long run! As in any idle/clicker game you should be ready to “ascend” plenty of times to reach the final stage of the tree at level 50.

Not only can you get permanent upgrades with ascending, but also you can work towards Objectives. Each objective level when completed will give you gems. Don’t worry! These are not for any in-game shops and the game is totally free to play because its a practice project for me to get better in making idle games. Each gem will permanently increase the rate of which you can collect water.

Important to know: There is no point in going higher than level 50 since thats where i’d say you have finished the game. But if you wish to get larger and larger it is very possible to go higher than level 50.

Where can I find this game? -> https://nemphisgames.itch.io/idletree

Source: itch.io

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