Introducing Schism, the first to game represent the Tantrum Tech brand. Schism is the result of an idea offering much more than expected. Working on the many aspects of this game caused a feedback loop which kept giving more and more for me to incorporate until the game eclipsed its own design scope. Schism is not just a story to share, it’s a story to play.

The game utilises a new approach to a grappling mechanic, giving the feeling of magnetic pull instead of the more established ‘Tarzan rope’ style of grapples. Combined with the low-gravity environment and automatic position-securing on suitable targets, Schism attempts to minimise the frustration of fine-footwork and allow players to focus more on making informed selections of their destination point. The grapple mechanic called the “Lash” is thematically supported by the narrated story dialogue, which takes place in a surreal environment that offers platforming and puzzle elements designed around open spaces and sightlines. The aim was to achieve a feeling of vastness and choice, instead of restriction inside tunnel-like mazes.…


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