Hello everyone! 👋

We are Etherlight,  a team of 3 indie devs from México working on Mislight, an adventure game with Bullet-Hell and RPG elements and a touch of Thriller. 🔦

Mislight is a Side Scroller Adventure game with a little bit of a spooky eviorment. It was inspired mostly on Cave story and Megaman games but we also wanted to add a little challenge, so,  after checking out tohou Luna Nights we decided to add a bullethell-like experience.

You can play Mislight’s demo here right now : https://etherlight.itch.io/mislight

Also, we just launched our Kickstarter campaign earlier today and we are extremely excited to share it with you <3 You can back us here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/etherlight/mislight-an-adventure-game-with-a-small-touch-of-thriller

Your support means the whole world to us, even the smallest amount goes a long way to make the game bigger and better while also helping us fulfill our dreams of making games. If you like the game please share it on social media and with everyone you know. Visibility is super important and it would help us big time to get closer to the goal❤️

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