Mega Golftroid is a 2D golf game that plays like a metroidvania and has megaman style powerups.

It plays sort of like Super Stickman Golf with an Angry Birds style slingshot controls, but using an energy based system that limits the amount of strokes you can take between holes. There is also special energy that allows you to use power ups you acquire that allow you to take short cuts and navigate further in the game. Hopefully the game’s embedded tutorials is enough to help explain how it works.

The game is in alpha – meaning the graphics are mostly place holder, many of which are just collision boxes, and the level design is not finalized, but it’s got about 90% of the planned content already. I have a built in feedback system in-game, but it does require logging into google firebase to play the alpha. I’m a solo developer, and I won’t harvest your email or collect private data or anything like that.

I’m looking for feedback from anyone who thinks the idea seems cool or is feeling generous with their time.

Thanks in advance!


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