A Grand Telepath named Feragot has invaded the mind of Guardian Galdor in attempt to extract remnants of a forgotten ancient evil that lies dormant within him and unleash its chaos upon the world. Use your telepathic powers to enter Galdor’s mind and help stop Feragot before he fulfills his treacherous scheme.

Galdor’s Grip is a solo fantasy card game played completely in your hands. As you cycle through the deck, you’ll need to use card abilities and player actions to carefully manipulate the order and orientation of the cards in order to access esoteric, forbidden, and secret knowledge while also avoiding dangerous manifestations until Galdor is in position to neutralize Feragot.

Galdor's Grip

A no-tabled-needed solo fantasy card game
Galdor's Grip Cards
The Core Set is comprised of just 18 cards all played completely in your hands.
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