When it comes to building immersive virtual worlds and rich gaming experiences, getting the details right is key. One particularly important detail is one that goes unseen.

That detail is sound.

Sound design in gaming is much more than soundtracks and sound effects. Even with a blank screen, players can tell a lot about a situation through sound. Layers of audio depth help give essential context and make the game experiences richer and more enjoyable for players.

If you’re new to sound effects and audio for games, or if you find layering audio experiences into your game challenging, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll cover how to enrich gameplay with sound and recommend ready-to-use soundtracks, sound effects, and audio syncing tools that you can find on the Unity Asset Store.

(Psst: All of the packages mentioned in this post are currently on sale for Black Friday. Be sure to check them out.)

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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