A brand-new game has arrived from the creator of Pesadelo the Beginning and Pesadelo Regression. Many youtubers, including PewDiePie, Markiplier, Yamimash, Alanzoka, and others, have played Pesadelo the Benining.

Inspired by games such as Half-Life, Resident Evil, and Outlast, Midnight Alert places you in a tense environment to battle against Hell’s creatures. You decided to take a nap during your night shift as a police officer in the police station. Suddenly, the police station is deserted, and you must kill some creatures to survive. You then receive a radio message instructing you to gather all the files pertaining to the investigation you’ve been conducting and proceed to a particular location.

A priest decided to promote a ritual that would open the gates of hell and cause chaos; the problem is, his plan was successful, and now we must fight for our lives in this new world where creatures and humans cannot coexist.

Midnight Alert: Creatures

In the game, you must select your weapon and be ready for these creatures, as they will pursue you. You can customize your weapons by finding some modifications for your favorite gun during gameplay and simply customizing it;

Applying Weapon Mods

there are multiple options, including colors, scopes, muzzles, barriers, and more. The game is available on Itch.io and can be played on Windows and Linux, with Mac OSX support coming soon.

Play now on Itch.io Jtechstudio.itch.io

Source: Indie DB

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