Generating structured crash reporting: Process errors with a single system implemented across your build via cross-platform call stack with event aggregation and monitoring.

Optimize issue priority: Save precious development hours by prioritizing the key errors impacting your game. Organize based on the number of hosts or clients impacted, runtime data, or custom attributes.

Automated error analysis: Cut down on resolution time by surfacing important signals that lead engineers directly to the cause of the crash.

Highly customizable error reporting: Capture all the extra data you need, allowing you to diagnose problems and implement fixes, all based on how you want to set up reports.

Flexible workflow integration: Enable seamless error management by implementing debug data into your teams’ existing workflows SCM, alerting, ticket tracking, messaging, and more.

Costs that scale as your game succeeds: Start with modest up-front costs to access the tools and error capacity you need for testing and early launch, then scale up as your audience grows.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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