The DEMO of Alice fell to Neverland is finally out ~

Alice Fell to Neverland is a indie horror RPG project made by me, King Hamster! 

Caroline and Lewis are two 14 year-old students at St. Mary’s Boarding School, who have fallen into a deep hole in the middle of the forest. With no way to climb out, the only clue they have to return is a strange white rabbit.

Finish puzzles, find your way home and learn the truth behind the dark place you’ve stumbled upon. 

Are you the one destined to fulfill the role of Alice? 

Even if it’ still a DEMO it’s a long experience at around 2 hour of gameplay and lore building. The full release will include a fully fleshed out story with two routes to choose from – Caroline and Lewis.

If you’d like to try out and meet the characters I would love to hear some opinions <3

Try it out here

Thank you for reading and for your time.


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