Hello, everyone!

It’s fantastic to meet you. Tell us something about yourself, too, in the comments. What kind of gamer are you, what brought you here, why do you like the idea of the game? We’re curious to know!

And while we’re at it, I can share our perspective on why we’re doing all of this.

Brewpub Simulator is not an… obvious game to make. We hope it enriches its genre, and perhaps even breaks some boundaries. How so?

Brewpub isn’t just a sim. It’s a mix of simulation and tycoon, all seen from the first-person perspective.

The initial idea for the game was pretty different. We knew we wanted to make a game about brewing because we dig the subject. I brew my own beer, for example! But at first, we thought it would be a classic tycoon. You know, an isometric point-and-clicky type of game.

This first attempt was more about the logistics of brewing, the strategy etc. But eventually, we realized that it’s nothing special when you present it like this. It could be about anything. Pizza, macaroni, whatever, just a different skin. To us, craft brewing is more personal. It’s about choosing the recipe. About the moment when you add carefully measured ingredients to the pot. And so, the game became Brewpub Simulator, still keeping its tycoon roots.

Follow us if you’re interested in this project, it means a lot to us!

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