Hello, fellow Internet dwellers.

So, the other day, I found this strange program browsing through some of my old files, it’s basically an Operative System prototype, like a weird Windows XP lookalike. It’s called Meadows XP and apparently it was developed by some company called McRosoft. Yeah, talk about similarities. 

It comes with a few tools like some notepad, a music player, you can view files and stuff… But the most interesting thing is that it has like its own Internet. Like, you can access some web pages that I couldn’t find using my real life browser. There’s like a social network called myplace, and a weird, bizarro EBay clone as well. People sell some weird stuff in there.  There is like a torrent site for music called LemonWire. It’s 2000s Internet in a nutshell basically.


So, the weirdest thing is, it’s not like brand new. It has some data and files stored from some guy called Smith. He has his own myplace account and some files and there are some weird things going on. There is a blog about nature or something like that, and it has some pretty… apocalyptic things. Like conspiracies and that sort of stuff.  

I don’t know, it’s very mysterious. I couldn’t find anything about the company or these people or where they were from. It’s dated from 2005, so a lot could have happened since then. Anyways, I hope you can check it out, give me some of your thoughts about it all. Maybe you find out something that I couldn’t. 

Here’s the link: https://mlshad.itch.io/meadows-xp

Oh, and don’t forget to log off at the end. There is more than it looks to it.

Have a good day!

Source: itch.io

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