HooperVania, a classic Castlevania fan-game, is now available in its final release with even more bonus content!
Download the game at https://linky439.itch.io/hoopervania! (Languages available: English and French)

Explore more than 15 stages in classic Castlevania fashion, albeit with a more fast-paced gameplay, in your way to conquer Count Dracula once and for all! And if that is not enough, complete the adventure to unlock an easy-to-use, programmation-free Level Editor that was used to build almost everything the game will throw at you!

Use your trusty whip, jump across pits and hazards and fire your precious secondary weapons to vanquish deadly foes in a beautiful NES-style game in both graphics and audio, and is full of surprises.
Each level has its own specificity, whether its a new twist on the gameplay or a gorgeous location.

A mix of both old and new, HooperVania awaits you with a nice dose of challenge for players searching for some old-school action.

Are you up to the task?

Source: itch.io

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