Hi! We’d like to introduce our new project called The Masky! Games 3D Library. As its name suggests, it’s a library full of 3D models made by independent game developer Masky! Games.

The Masky! Games 3D Library has game-ready, realtime-optimized models for your needs!  Whether it’s PC, VR, or Mobile, it’s ready to go! Have a Game-Jam soon? You’re too lazy to model something yourself, making you feel like crap because you aren’t able to do something by yourself? Do you have some extra money to spare? Or maybe you want to get a free one! You better call the Masky! Games 3D Library!

You can also visit us on CGTrader: The Masky! Games 3D Library

We’ll be adding more content here soon. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Our first 3D model published here is titled Retro Furniture: Bed (pretty epic name ngl). Visit here the model. A few screenshots below:

More models from us:

Source: itch.io

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