Before the introduction of this new system, the existing monitoring systems at Sinseondae Pier only offered limited data on operations, and a closed-circuit TV was the best available option for checking on terminal processes.With stricter legislation coming into force to protect the safety of on-site personnel, a new approach was required that could enable a wide range of data to be monitored in real time in an integrated manner.

These needs led to the development of VARLOS—a 3D digital control and monitoring system that collects data from the port terminal continuously, and visualizes this massive dataset.

Data from GPS trackers embedded on vehicles and loading equipment is fed into the digital twin for 3D visualization of the entry and release of containers, equipment, and loading status in real time. This helps ensure the safe running of the terminal and enables more intuitive monitoring.

The system also facilitates more productive communication between terminal employees in the office and technicians on site. If an incident occurs on site, it can be reported more promptly and with specific detail so that the circumstances can be better understood and addressed.

What’s more, the data collected can be used for AI-based analysis and forecasting simulation, opening up ways to make the operations of the terminal more efficient. These include improving the productivity of cranes and reducing the number of unnecessary transport vehicles.

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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