hello, I just released the demo of sand3d, a 3d sand falling game. The link is: sand3d (beta) by TealEgg (itch.io)

Basically “the power toy” but 3d. In these types of games, you play around with elements and see what happens. It so far has 10 elements and has basic interaction between all of them. You can move around and place elements wherever you like. 

The demo took me around a month, but I spent some time before that planning out the whole project. It was created from scratch using c++ and opengl to get the max performance. In this demo, the play area is 64 by 64 by 64 voxels. I might release a devlog if there is any interest.

Play the game and tell me what you think! Are there any bugs you found, or any elements/features you want added? Send me a message!

If you want to keep in touch with the community, I recommend joining our discord at https://discord.gg/unX9DMj!

Source: itch.io

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