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The Spotlight-Man is a 3D Horror First-Person game inspired by “Siren Head” Creepypasta, taken place in a campsite where The Spotlight-Man belong.

The story begins when you go camping alone in [Redacted] Forest. There is nothing happen until one night, you wake up because of a blinding lights shining to your tent. You think it was some random people trolling on you, but it was not. It’s a monster with a spotlight in his head looking at you.

The gameplay focuses on the story (Will add more in the future, so i’m very sorry if the game is not scary enough). 

There will be an encounter with the Spotlight-Man like a chase sequence and you should escape from him.

That’s it! This is my first pay-to-play game, i’ve spend like a month to make this game (and thinking how to make the story interesting is a bit challenging).

Any feedback are appreciated! šŸ˜€ 

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