The long grim road stretches out before us 

The frogs travel on, barely holding on 

What does it all mean? 

How did the gods forsake us? 

We started out on this journey together 

But now we’re barely hanging on 

Each step feels like it’s a mile 

And the road just keeps going on and on 

We don’t know where we’re going 

Or what we’re supposed to do 

We only know that we have to keep going 

And hope that somehow we’ll make it through 

The road is dark and treacherous 

And the frogs are getting tired 

But they keep going, because they have to 

There’s nothing else they can do 

They don’t know what’s waiting for them 

But they keep moving forward 

Because they have to believe 

That there’s something better ahead 

And then, finally, they see it 

The end of the long grim road 

There’s a light shining down from above 

And they know they’ve made i- —–


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