To celebrate Halloween this year we have decided to make a spin-off project about a secondary NPC of the game, Sibilla.

Who is Sibilla?

Sibilla is a well-known fortune teller, many people go to her to find out about their future or to ask for advice. Rumors tell that in addition to the gift of clairvoyance he also has telekinetic powers!

Don’t be intimidated by her appearance, she is neither good nor bad, she’s just … different.

Ask a question to Sibilla and she will find the answers in her Cards, but be careful, the answer may not be what you hoped for!
The deck used by Sibilla contains the 22 major arcana and all 56 minor arcana.

Each card is an archetype and can have different meanings depending on how and when it is revealed.

So, on this dark and spooky night, discover your destiny right away by downloading The Blades, and if you haven’t already, add Umbra Sepulcri to your wishlist

Download The Blades here

We wish you a bright fate, and a good Halloween.
The Dead Pixel Team

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