In Crop Squares, you need to buy and arrange plant crops in order to survive winter. The game plays like an engine builder mashed up with a block puzzle and borrows some mechanics from autobattlers! We’ve been working on this game since July but just uploaded it to Itch in the last week.

This version includes most of the major features we want in the final version, but we will continue to add new crops and content over time.

Each crop has a unique ability and scores points in different ways. Many crops interact with each other, so you’ll need to find which combos work best. There are also relics, events, and soil types that can randomly appear and influence your strategy.

Crop Squares has 3 available modes of play:

  • Story Mode with 24 levels.  that have a score that must be reached to survive
  • Weekly challenge that has a random crop set and timeline
  • Sandbox where players can test out each crop

We wanted to make a game that had a lot of cool mechanics commonly found in autobattlers, such as the rollable shop and synergies/compositions that can be made on the board. We thought this would be a great starting place and our plan is to keep adding new crops and relics to improve the game over the next several months.

Play now in browser (desktop or mobile)!


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