My Little Haremz is a Harem building game if not obvious by the name. It started out as one but it keeps growing and Harem just didn’t fit anymore in the a name. I am going to keep both  games active on itch for a bit but I am going to eventually remove the other game.

The main story is a boy turning 18 and the crazy stuff that happens to him on that day and beyond. The Main character develops some very interesting powers during the day. Along with an evolution that happens to him and accidentally forming harems… This game is almost entirely videos. Not many stills in there and I hope you enjoy the added life it bringsin my opinion. There are currently 128 characters that you interact with. All with unique personalities. Many will end up in your harems. Also, this is definitely not safe for work. Below are some examples of the idle animations.

The game is up to:

  • 2538 videos and 18 gigs
  • some still images..Like maybe 50 but most are embedded in videos so are they really stills?

I also send links to the latest version to anyone who has purchased in the last month. I think it’s only fair but please tell me if you think differently. Also, if you are on the fence please follow my Patreon page and maybe at some point something will tickle your fancy.

This is definitely NSFW. Also, please read thru the list of types of encounters which are in the game. I want to make sure you know what could be around each corner.


Beta and Zya