Hello, my name is mrd256. I’m a first-time game developer, and it is with great honor that I am able to post my first-ever game! I do really hope you all enjoy it!

Link: https://mrd256.itch.io/innocent-love

Current Playtime: ~15-30 minutes

Development Stage: version 0.1.0


Several thousands of years ago, the Demon Lord Aster ruled the world. He brought chaos and destruction, and people worshiped him over their Goddess who created their existence.
The Goddess then sent her angelic warriors who defeated Aster and sealed him within the depths of the underworld.

Now, in the present day, a dark force seeks to revive the demon lord by searching for his human incarnation.

This story follows a young man named Elliot Winston, whose normal routine begins the journey to determine the fate of the world.

The feedback I’m looking for:

  • -Do you like the characters?
  • -Are you intrigued by the story?
  • -Do you want to see what happens next?

You can find more info on the game page. Thank you all so much again for checking out my first project.

Source: itch.io

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