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Unlock a world of darkness, and share it through your games with this dark asset pack for any horror or dark platformer!

This pack include more than a Hundred pieces of decoration, trees, houses, rocks and more, through 14 different sheets so you can benefit of a wild range of assets so you never runs out of ideas!

There is all the assets in .PNG and .TIFF images. All of them are called ‘untitled’ and are assembled in the .zip file you will download!

THANK YOU for purshasing this asset pack or simply consider it, it will be in sales for more than a year, hoping that you will see it on time! If you are happy with the price and want to donate a little bit more, thank you so much, and if you think it is still too expansive, let me know in the comments, I may or may not change the price for you; will see…

On that, have a nice halloween (?) and make good usage of this pack. Now create!

License is C.C (creative commons) visit the website for more infos!


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