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Genre and Features

Cloaks and Capes is an action -packed roguelite shooter side-scroller that has you going all out in hopes of reincarnating Cloaker’s dead son while unlocking powerups, leveling up and paving your path through traps filled captivating caverns and abysses

Its centered around infinite progression and features:

  •  ability to choose difficulty settings through menu
  • hypnotic soundtracks,
  • 9 different stages each with hellish boss fights
  • Gain a satisfying increase in damage and attack speed boost as your heat bar fills up
  • 5 unlockable attack patterns 

(these are the main ones, more can be found on game’s page)


After Azazel, the prime demon descended upon the alluring  town of Castriel once again leaving only spirits afloat, you take your son’s spirit from the elder and pave your path through traps filled caverns and abysses, blasting celestial beings in flames of anguish as you venture to slay the prime demon and reincarnate the dead son


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