I’m launching TWO new games. I hope you might be interested. You can access them both at the same link:


One is a procedural dungeon crawler that can be played solo or in a group. It’s two pages long and it’s called Link-boiZ. It’s based a little bit in Matt Click’s Plasma Torch and a little bit in Jason Tocci’s 2400. The adventuring party shares a single dice pool, which gets more powerful as they get more desperate.

The other is a one-pager, a more traditional single-character TTRPG that draws from the ideas of Chris McDowall’s Into the Odd, Ben Milton’s Knave, and Michael Wolf’s Warrior, Rogue & Mage. It’s intended for group play. I named it ScoundreL.

They both have the same cover art by Carlos Castilho, who is just a terrific artist. I really like the piece he did for this and thought it made sense to package the two games this way as they share an assumed setting.

Source: itch.io

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