Hi all,

I’ve just published Haunt Me on itch.io! Haunt Me is an experimental, short-form tabletop RPG set in a haunted house that is focused on telling a narrative story about the guilt we hide from others. It’s meant as a sort of party game that’s perfect for a Halloween tabletop session if you’re looking to try something a bit different and more of a one-session thing than your normal tabletop gaming faire. 

Haunt Me is available now for $1 or, if you can’t afford it at the moment, there are also free community copies that you can claim.

You can check out the game here: https://inflatablespacesuit.itch.io/hauntme

This is my first release on itch.io and I hope to put out another, longer tabletop RPG that I’ve worked on soon, so please look out for that if you like this.

Thank you for giving this a look,

Source: itch.io

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