The future of music experiences 

Ruxandra says that Warner Music believes the future will bring hyperreality metaverse experiences overlaid on ultra-thin headset devices. “These metaverse experiences will be persistent, synchronous, and live,” she says. “They will span the digital and physical worlds, offer unprecedented interoperability, be populated by content from a wide range of contributors, and have their own fully functioning economies.”Within these metaverse experiences, Ruxandra continues, music will be a dominant form of interaction, communication, and consumption. “The possibilities are endless for our artists to engage with their fans in immersive, real-time, and customizable ways,” she explains. “We are incredibly excited to dig in here and now, at the outset of these future experiences, so that we can ensure our artists have the tools needed to become experts within these spaces.”

For De Castro, Fortnite is the natural destination for virtual music experiences like the ones Ruxandra describes. “Let’s face it, no one puts on a better virtual show than the Fortnite team,” he says. “There ain’t no party like a Fortnite party, and this has helped Epic Games set itself up as a forward-thinking host when it comes to making the best in-game concerts. 

“The platform recommended itself to us as a number one destination for those who want to bring together gamers, music artists, artists in general, and designers. With the metaverse buzzing, it’s the best example of how digital reality works.”

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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