Noroi E, tells the story and origin of the muñoz family of Colombian origin, made up of 5 people, Juan Muñoz, Mardory Rodríguez, Adrián Muñoz, Susan Rodríguez and David Muñoz who settle in Mexico in the 90s in an old house in the middle of the forest, since their arrival in the Latin American country, they were considered a rather peculiar family due to the fact that they always dressed in black and that in one way or another, they dedicated themselves to things that for many were “disturbing”.

Mr. Muñoz’s favorite theme when creating his paintings was the apocalypse and death, portraying it in a very disturbing way that would chill the blood of even the most intrepid paranormal and diabolical enthusiast, hiding in each of his paintings a dark secret that no one has been able to decipher…

David, who is now 35 years old in 2022, is the owner of CiberFly Technologies and CF Motors, a company dedicated to the manufacture and export of electronic equipment, sports cars and Smart Devices worldwide, everything was developing very well, until today that he received a strange letter, which invited him back to his parents’ house if he wanted to remember and discover the truth about that accident in which his parents died… Since that day, nothing has been like before, strange events happen around him, which sometimes make him doubt his reality, he suffers from constant nightmares reliving moments of that accident, without being able to understand what they want from him. tell. Once he is back in his old home, he will discover that everything was written…

It will be up to us to discover the whole truth about our origin and end the diabolical pact. This story will have an unexpected ending so you should try it. We are currently working on the development of this project, hoping with time and your support, to bring a magnificent experience in psychological horror video games.


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