Greetings Groupies of the Guardian with Gargantuan Gazongas,

At long last! The second volume of the voluptuous vigilante is here!
Big Blue: Hooters of Heroism the complete graphic novel is now on sale.

The pendulous protector returns for another battle against baddies bearing bodacious bazooms. Tara, a.k.a. “Big Blue” is fighting evil from Earth and from beyond. This time, the perfidious plan putting the planet in peril is so complex, so wide-ranging, so enigmatic, that I don’t remember writing it, but that says more about me than about the book.

Who is Rïno? Can Monako be trusted? Whose side is Dzhaen on? Will Yaelin return? What is the role of Kini and Entshuo in all this? Is it a bad idea to have most of the characters be aliens with made up names? Honestly, if someone likes big bazongas, I think I got their money, but don’t worry, the story is there—the drama, the humor, the action, the romance. And of course, the breasts.

Part 2 in the “Big Blue” saga following Juggs of Justice.

Collects “Big Blue: Hooters of Heroism” issues 1-3

The book is 80 pages in full color with the usual terrific artwork by Mariano Navarro and Hernan Cabrera with bonus art by Mariacristina FedericoSean “Art Bro Sean” Harrington, “Magnificent” Morty Semple Sr., Alberto Herrera and Marco Guaglione
Buy your copy before it’s too late, and if it’s too late, have your next of kin buy a copy.

Mase Corgan, ESQ., OBE


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