“Our deliverable was a library of real-time, triggerable “Team-mojis” characters that performed a variety of skits, dances, and playful antics throughout CBS’s March Madness tournament. Utilizing Unreal Engine allowed us to design these AR avatars to be highly customizable with nearly 100 animations, dozens of special FX options, and full runtime controls of team, color, studio placement, and scale. Unreal Engine gave us an unprecedented amount of flexibility and runtime creative control.”
Explaining the decision to participate in the Unreal Authorized Service Partner Program, Dan said: “Unreal Engine is the foundation of nearly every project in our pipeline, so it was a natural step for us to pursue this partnership. We also have a continued commitment to exploring and deepening our knowledge of this powerful tool so that we can best serve our clients and partners.”

All of it Now (AOIN)

An LA-based creative agency, All of it Now (AOIN) offers digital content and immersive experiential installations for brands, agencies, entertainers, and events. With its roots in motion design, film and television production, and IT, AOIN supports a broad Unreal Engine pipeline from environment design, previs, and virtual location scouting to AR and XR consultation, custom utility creation, and capturing real-time camera tracking data for post-production workflows. The AOIN team has also recently expanded into volumetric capture and DMX integrations.
Past projects include the Kaskade x Rocket League concert inside Fortnite, Season 15 of America’s Got Talent, Coldplay and BTS’s performance on The Voice season finale, and Salesforce Dreamforce. Another recent project is the AR experience for the Coachella music festival livestream. “Unreal Engine was the beating heart of the Coachella project, and was used from pre-production through to the final broadcast,” says Danny Firpo, Co-founder at AOIN. “The collaboration between multiple artists and agencies was vital to the tight production timeline, and simply could not have been produced with any other platform.”
  Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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