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Greetings explorers of Utgardr 🌲.

I’m really happy to announce that the game we are developing is going to be on Kickstarter really soon…

Are you following its growth process on our socials and do you want to support it?

Well, you can now start Registering to Kickstarter and Subscribing to the 🚀 Pre-Launch Page.

The Complete Kickstarter page will be out in few time…

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I remember you that the game is also on Steam. So let’s 💙 Wishlist it!

Steam add to Wishlist

Follow all the 👪 game’s socials here: Website or below:

🔵 Facebook
🔵 Twitter
🟣 Instagram
🟠 Reddit
🔴 YouTube
🟣 Twitch
🟣 Discord

Thanks everyone for this splendid journey, see you soon while the page will be completed.

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