While you can play Witasy: Real Estate Agency in as little as 1-3 hours, the longer you stay here the more the world will expand while you explore, meet the old and new residents, and sell more properties. Great for players of all ages. 

Discover new places and experience a new growing world filled with residences and buildings with every draw of your card.

Don’t forget to check out the Gameplay Example. Version 2 would serve you best as the best example played by our beta tester. It features co-op gameplay and would serve as a quick guide and as a quick start.

Witasy: Real Estate Agency is a solo or co-op tabletop roleplaying game about managing your real estate agency business and selling property. It uses a standard 52-card deck. For 1+ players. This game is focused on Solo Journal RPG.

You play as an agent or business in a fantasy world with a budding real estate business, where you will role-play as a real estate agent to match customers with the best property available in the market. Match it well and you will earn yourself a steady income and fame.

The fantasy world of Witasy: Real Estate Agency has big cities where the inhabitant’s demand is high for a perfect living place. Each of these places has plenty of residential and commercial properties that you can trade for a better one. Plenty of customers around each city want to buy, sell or lease something. You just need to help them find what they need.

Can you manage your company’s reputation while dealing with tricky customers and suspicious clients? Will you make money to upgrade your business and hire new agents to improve your profit? Can you stand tall against all the competition in town? There are countless stories waiting to be told with Witasy: Real Estate Agency, but only you can write them.


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