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A tower defense mixed with real-time strategy set in the not-too-distant future where you must fight against sentient artificial intelligence that sees humanity as a threat.

Official Website

The official website got an upgrade! Visit the site here to get more of look at the lore of Deterrence. The site will continue to get more info and lore as the game develops. You will also find a content creator sign up; If you or someone you know is a content creator with a reasonable following, then please share the site.

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Playtesters Wanted

Still looking for playtesters to give feedback on Deterrence. If you’d like to volunteer to playtest Deterrence then please join the discord for further instructions on how to get involved.

New UI Look

I went with the night vision filter on the video to give a more futuristic look. To make all the UI buttons look more futuristic as well, I decided to go with new style and colors to match.

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Upcoming Fixes and Additions

The following are bug fixes and additions to the game that will be in the next update v1.1:

  • Defend and capture objectives will update minimap and billboard icons.
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Discord Server – Discord.gg

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