Hi Everyone!

Our couch coop, cat herding game is now out on itch! https://space-birb-games.itch.io/cat-herders

If you own as many cats as we do (three, in a two room apartment) then you’ll understand the challenge 😀

You and up to three friends have to get all the cats in the level to the goal as quickly as possible, using cool items and to the tune of some catchy chip tunes. We’ve played a lot of this on Parsec before releasing it and we’re really happy with how it turned out. It’s perfect for a 5-10 minute session with friends.

I worked on it with an old friend from my undergraduate degree and my fiance. We’ve worked on projects before together (game jams etc.) but never released anything. Very happy to hear any feedback any of you might have.


(also Anna and Kavey)

Source: itch.io

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