Hey guys, 

I am so happy to announce that the audio drama I’ve been working on has finally been released!

Both Male and Female Roommates for Volume 1 are now available for download!


“My Roommate” is an Audio Drama ASMR Series where YOU as the listener, are the Main Character and get the chance to Romance any Roommate of your choice depending on your Album selection.


  • ASMR [M4A] or [F4A] (Gender Neutral Listener)
  • Wholesome (No NSFW!)
  • 5 Tracks per Album
  • Sound FX for realism
  • A Romanceable Roommate
  • More Albums Coming Soon!

Here’s a trailer of one of the tracks for the  Female Roommate:

Here’s a trailer of one of the tracks for the Male Roommate:

Link to Female Roommate Page:


Link to Male Roommate Page:



-Little Missy Otome

Source: itch.io