Unity surveyed over 1,400 multiplayer gamers in the US, UK, Japan, and Korea to find out what multiplayer gamers want from their experiences so you can get a head start on planning your next project.

Developing multiplayer games can require more up-front work to get running – like specialized expertise, ongoing service, and up-front capital and maintenance costs.

In that sense, multiplayer game development is more of an investment than single player game creation – so you need to design the player experience right in order to find success.

But what’s most important to multiplayer gamers? We surveyed players across the globe to find out.

In each country (US, UK, Japan, Korea), we focused on two categories of multiplayer gamers: Casual and core.

  • Casual gamers: Those who spend at least two hours gaming per week, of which at least 30 minutes is playing multiplayer 
  • Core gamers: Those who spend at least four hours playing multiplayer games in any combination of the following traditionally multiplayer genres: Shooter (battle royale, FPS, third person shooter), MOBA, MMO, racing, sports, or fighting

We collected responses from approximately 1,400 gamers, split about 50/50 between the core and casual groups. Here’s what we found.


Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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