Check out ALIYA:


The last remaining Battle Droid On earth,

She woke up in a confused state,

and she has to face attacks from deadly monsters.

Luckily, some friendly robots are here to help.

Bounce Mechanics

Drag the robots (from the bottom right corner) onto the field.

Aliya’s shots will bounce, following the direction of arrows on the robots and the monsters.

Strategize your attacks!

Ability System

You can upgrade Aliya and her Robots by adding different abilities to them!

Here are some interesting ones:

  • Super Elasticity:  damage+1 for each target you hit
  • Energy Accumulation:  damage+2 every time a robot is bounced
  • Killer Instinct: Each time you hit an enemy, damage +3; Each time you hit a robot, damage -2

There’re more abilities in the game for you to explore!


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