The Lady of the Lake (RPG) is finished, and it is now verion 1.1. It is being sold for $5.

This is an old school turn-based JRPG-style video game in the world of King Arthur. 

You start with Vivian, Merlin’s apprentice, and known in many stories as the Lady of the Lake. Her small quest is to give Excalibur to the chosen one, but her journey quickly becomes a big adventure.

It was made with RPG Maker MV. We spent over a year mostly full time making this game.

10 Details about the game

  1. Order turn battle (OTB) system: The battle system is similar to Octopath Traveller the way the way a character can have an action as soon as it’s their turn, you can see the turn order for the current and next turn, there are ways to manipulate turn order, and you can use BP to power up skills.
  2. Possible scenarios: There are multiple possible scenarios that can happen, which mainly involves attacks or conquests of Camelot. In one scenario, you can get a boss monster to join your team. Scenarios are based on the characters on your team and the bosses you have beat (or left alone).
  3. Skill trees: The ability learning system uses “skill trees,” which are based on the character class or monster type. A character gains at least two skill points at every level up, and skill points are used to learn abilities.
  4. New Game plus: After you beat the game, you can save it. If you choose to continue a game and use a saved game that was already completed, you start a new game in new game plus mode. That changes how the game proceeds a bit, and you get to choose your starting team. There are no monsters that will join in new game plus mode.
  5. Monster allies: There are several monsters that can become allies, especially early in the game. The monster you recruit first will usually determine what other monsters will join later on, starting with a rat, bat, goblin, imp, or wind spirit. 
  6. Front & back row: (a) The front row protects the second row. The front row is closer to the enemy. They are more likely to be attacked, their chance to hit is higher, their evasion is lower, they tend to deal more damage, and they tend to take a little more damage. (b) The second row is further from the enemy. They are less likely to be attacked, their chance to hit is lower, their evasion is higher, they tend to deal less damage, and they tend to take a little less damage. Characters with the guardian or bodyguard trait also protect allies in the back row by sometimes jumping in front of attacks. They will “take a bullet” for their friends. (This is more likely when they have more HP and the ally has low HP.) Your row preference is saved and reset after every battle.
  7. More realistic monetary system: In the early game you use silver pieces. 80 silver pieces is equal to one gold piece. For example, an iron sword is worth 80 silver pieces or one gold piece.
  8. Beat it solo: It is possible to beat the game solo with Vivian or Merlin, and that comes with a bonus. (More information.)
  9. Quest menu: The main menu has the option to take a look at your unfinished quests. This can help you remember what to do next when you stop playing for a while.
  10. Help menu: The help menu has information about almost every element of the game, such as what each stat does and what the status effects are about.

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