Some dedicate their life to the cause…

One day, you will dedicate everything

those who dream of a better world know one simple, terrible fact: not everyone who helps build it will be blessed with the opportunity to live in it. those who put their lives on the line to transmute dreams of rebellion into reality know the grim truth that to see this transformation occur, they may one day have to give their lives as catalyst. going rogue 2e is a GM-less tabletop roleplaying game for 2-5 players that tells the story of that sacrifice.

going rogue was originally developed as an expansion for riley rethal’s Star Wars-inspired Belonging Outside Belonging system, galactic 2e. this second edition of going rogue expands it to a 32-page game that can be played as a one-shot or over the course of a limited-run campaign.

while the base game is built to tell stories of charming, larger-than-life heroes, going rogue 2etaking its inspiration from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story—uses galactic 2e’s mechanical foundation to instead weave narratives about troubled martyrs mired in messy, ethically gray conflicts who must face the possibility of making the ultimate sacrifice.

this new second edition adds a variety of new content:

  • a 5th playbook, THE LOYAL, inspired by K-2SO and other Star Wars companion characters, expanding the game to 5 players!.THE LOYAL features a unique mechanic in which your moves interact differently when they target a bonded character!
  • a new pillar, THE BOND, a unique spin on Belonging Outside Belonging’s “setting element” mechanic, in which the unfailing trust between THE LOYAL and another player character becomes a discrete element of the setting
  • a set of 6 traits to supplement the 36 in the base book, which better match the tone of going rogue
  • a complete rework of the SACRIFICE fate mechanic, simplifying, streamlining, and adding more flavor
  • a completely revamped layout that’s easy to read and easy to browse
  • more small improvements all over, as the result of additional playtesting

additionally, to celebrate the Andor release, there is a ready-to-play bundle with the base game galactic 2e, getting both combined for over 20% off!

get the galactic 2e / going rogue 2e bundle right here!


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