A few months ago when I was working on Slaypril Fools Day, I designed a bunch off old fake advertising and such for it including an old ‘failed’ video game system The ANTE-COMP POCKET PLAY, One of those other games featured in the ad was a game called Turbo Chargers. It was just a stupid little throw away thing to fill it out, but the more I thought about the idea the more I liked it. I designed some more characters and I really liked how they turned out. 

I hadn’t really written a game in a few months and so I just kind of threw it together over the space of a few days and kind of dug it. Its a pretty simple endless runner/retro arcade racer, but I liked the design and characters and stuff. So I decided to publish it. 

Hope somebody else gets something out it. Maybe I’ll work on a sequel. 

Anyway you can play it HERE

Source: itch.io

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