Welcome to the World of Blockville!

From a range of highly detailed weather types, atmospheric lighting effects, and the continuously changing seasons all the way down to the tiny things like puddles during rainstorms, a grassy patch of flowers, or a school of fish swimming peacefully in the nearby lake, the world of Blockville has no shortage of things for the player to discover as they explore the map.

Partly cloudy skies over Blockville

The weather in Blockville can change quickly so make sure to bring a jacket.

Lighting and thunderstorms over Blockville

As the storm rages on outside, the townspeople prepare for bed and hopefully better weather tomorrow.

London style fog

Well, at least the rain stopped. Unfortunately, now there is a fog that rolled in that is thicker than soup!

Winter snowstorm

And just our luck, it’s now winter and it’s snowing. Everyone is trying to stay warm at home with a cup of hot cocoa. Hopefully, they don’t get sick.

sunrise over Blockville

With a new day, comes new opportunities. Until we meet again, best wishes to you and your Blockvillians!

Source: Indie DB

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