Landing an API protection change can be considered a behavior change. As such, we take care to provide strong messaging. However, the biggest challenge we face right now is how this can impact our community, as various Asset Store packages, user projects, libraries, and API examples rely on the API. We will start by looking at how many failing tests we have internally when making the change, and use that information to gauge the magnitude of an API protection change (note that we might actually consider not making the change if too many systems rely on the current behavior).

Fortunately, GatherDependenciesFromSourceFile is a relatively new callback, and not many ScriptedImporters are using it. If, for example, something like OnPostProcessAllAssets were to get a restriction on calls to AssetDatabase.FindAssets (don’t worry, we’re not actually planning to do this!), then we would have a lot of pushback from both internal tests and our users, as it is common to call AssetDatabase.FindAssets from within OnPostProcessAllAssets.

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Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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