In Unity 2021 LTS, UI Toolkit offers a collection of features, resources, and tools to help you build and debug adaptive runtime UIs on a wide range of game applications and Editor extensions. Its intuitive workflow enables Unity creators in different roles – artists, programmers, and designers alike – to get started with UI development as quickly as possible.

See our earlier blog post for an explanation of UI Toolkit’s main benefits, such as enhanced scalability and performance, already being leveraged by studios like Mechanistry for their game, Timberborn.

While Unity UI remains the go-to solution for positioning and lighting UI in a 3D world, UI Toolkit for runtime UI is recommended as of Unity 2021 LTS. It’s particularly effective for Screen Space – Overlay UI, and scales well on a variety of screen resolutions.

That’s why we’re excited to announce two new learning resources to better support UI development with UI Toolkit:

  • UI Toolkit sample – Dragon Crashers: The demo is now available to download for free from the Asset Store.
  • User interface design and implementation in Unity: This free e-book will be available in the coming weeks. Preregister here to receive a copy once it launches.

Read on to learn about some key features part of the UI Toolkit sample project.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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