DRESSX, a Unity-powered platform, is the largest digital fashion retailer leveraging technology to completely alter the product lifecycle. DRESSX is committed to using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline for its business practices, and contributes 1% of its revenue to the No More Plastic Foundation. A digital garment from DRESSX emits 97% less carbon dioxide than a physical garment, with a water savings of 3,300 liters per item. By designing digitally, DRESSX avoids the use of harmful chemicals, eliminates waste, and minimizes the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

How do I wear a digital garment? Glad you asked.

DRESSX uses AR technology to virtually dress its customers, allowing them to display their outfits from their “Metacloset” on social media, video calls, dating apps, live streams, games, virtual worlds, avatars, and anywhere else the metaverse takes them, including Meta’s Avatar Store. DRESSX’s motto is “Don’t shop less, shop digital fashion,” and for trend-chasers and social media influencers alike, DRESSX proves that you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style to be sustainable.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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