After several years of mostly  releasing smaller free projects on itch, I’ve finally released a big one: Qabara The Artist (https://yossarianiii.itch.io/qabara-the-artist)

It’s an adventure game where you play as a very anxious 9-year-old artist who wants to paint her masterpiece before she turns 10. Basically, you just explore the world and examining certain items or completing certain tasks will earn you inspiration that can help you level up to the next artistic plateau. 

The game is short — you could finish it in one sitting — but it’s also dense, with multiple solutions to puzzles and hidden storylines.

To celebrate the main character’s fear of turning 10, the game is 10% off for the first two weeks after launch.

Trailer here: 

Thanks to everyone here who has helped support my previous stuff!



Source: itch.io

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