Lens is a VST2/VST3/AAX/LV2 audio plug-in for Windows / macOS / Linux.

Basically: this is spectral dynamics with more control than most other spectral dynamics, with no FFT in sight, and excellent program-dependency. It imparts a spherical glue upon your mixes, and we believe any source can benefit for Lens, albeit it was made for the mix bus.
Once in the spectral domain it performs compression, expansion, sidechain and output EQ, etc… for a constant cost in phase. And much CPU used.

There are up to 64-bands and they can be linked together, or not. 100% => sounds like a full-band compressor 70% => equilibrium 0% => bands gain-reduction decorrelated, this sounds absurdly precise and auto-balance the mix.

– Explanations: https://www.auburnsounds.com/blog/Introducing-Lens.html

– Download Free Edition: https://www.auburnsounds.com/products/Lens.html

– Buy Full Edition on Itch.io: https://auburnsounds.itch.io/lens

Source: itch.io

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