Hello Soldiers!

It is now roughly five weeks after the release of Carentan and I think it is time for some new content, right? Right!

I’ve been working on the next map for FTF i.e., Airfield which will surprise – surprise introduce air units into the game. I plan a total of four air units aka planes: two for the enemy, and two for you to use. In all probability, you will have one plane for air-to-air combat, and one plane for air-to-ground combat. Additionally, I will try to introduce an anti-air ground unit to provide more tactical freedom against enemy planes. Of course, you will be also able to use the currently available ground units, including tanks.

Finally, the work on map design is pretty much finished (I might make some adjustments though), so now I’ll move on to work on unit functionality and game logic. Please note, I’m super busy with university work, therefore the release of Airfield might indeed take some time 🙁

Anyways, I’ve something for you to look at down below! cough cough



Airfield peek03

Airfield peek02

Airfield peek01

Airfield peek04

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