This one’s for you, the puzzle-action fans who love the challenge of a classic game pushed to the very limits of theoretical playability. This one’s for you, the TGM fans sad that Arika never published a North American release. This one’s for you, Pico-8 fans who want a no-compromises intense arcade experience. And this one’s for you, people who always wanted to get into very-high-speed Tetris-like gaming but never found an on-ramp.


EXTREME TETROM is a Pico-8 game inspired by Arika’s groundbreaking Tetris: The Grand Master series, a falling block puzzle designed to remain challenging to players who have exhausted the potential of every other Tetris-like game they have ever played. Far from a TGM clone, EXTREME TETROM invites players of all skill levels:

  • It offers Marathon, Scoreathon, and Sprint modes for beginners just starting out,
  • Intermediate and 20G Trainer for players who want to develop their skills,
  • Grandmaster for players ready to prove themselves,
  • Intense for experts ready to challenge themselves,
  • and Extreme for masochists ready to hurt themselves.

…plus Infinite, Blitz, Lightning, Grandmaster Plus, Intense Plus, and, of course, Invisible.

EXTREME TETROM is free. It is released under the CC4-BY-NC-SA license, and the flexible, spreadsheet-based game engine (no, seriously) is ready for aspiring modders to write their own variations on the game.

Play it right in your browser, or download it free for Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Pico-8!

EXTREME TETROM is ready. Are you?

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