Zahalia: The Curse of Zezor will be releasing on Steam this month!

RELEASE DATE: September 20th, 2022

PRICE: $4.99

FEATURES: Steam Achievements, Controller Support, Single-Player

Link to Steam Page:
Zahalia: The Curse of Zezor on Steam (


Zahalia is a top-down action-rpg with item collection and dungeon exploring. Take back the 7 Crystals from the traitor Zezor and stop General Skull Knight
from invading Zahalia. Explore to find new items to allow you to have access to more of the map and gain new abilities.

The traitor wizard has stolen the 7 Crystals that power the great seal and prevent otherworldly realms from invading Zahalia. General Skull Knight and his
army of minions now occupy Zahalia. The Empress Vera has summoned a hero from beyond who once stopped Zezor thousands of years ago. Can he stop the
vile wizard once more.


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