Wheel of Innocence is a LGBTQ+ visual novel where you go through the story of a disabled character named Reina.  

Reina is currently in her last year at a new high school due to severe bullying from the last school she attended and hopes to finish it with little issues. A few days into the new year she is introduced to a volunteer assistant named Mizuki.  

During the rest of the first semester, they both go on adventures and become close friends with something more sprouting but soon problems start happening which they will need to resolve together or alone.

This is currently a pre-alpha version of the game with sprites missing and some audio missing, I didn’t had enough time to finish the whole thing but I wanted to release something at least for SuNoFes 2022. I hope some people will enjoy this little snippit, the rest of the VN will be finished soon! n.n

Get the pre-alpha here: https://mkshadowzx.itch.io/wheel-of-innocence

Source: itch.io

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